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about us
Our Mission, Our History and Our Future

Our Mission is two-fold:

  • To help leading financial services organizations identify and hire the highest caliber talent to build their bottom line
  • To guide top candidates in navigating the job market and fulfilling their career goals

Executive Search is a way of life at Spire Search Partners.

We attribute our success to our passion for what we do - making connections and building relationships every day. To succeed in a highly competitive business environment one must be outstanding. We at Spire Search Partners work at being outstanding every day.

Spire Search Partners traditionally has built a name in placing Finance/Accounting, Quantitative Analysis, Operations/Compliance and Sales Professionals within the top financial firms in the world. As we seek to diversify our industry focus we can confidently say that more than anything else we specialize in search Ė no matter what your organization requires in the way of skilled and talented human capital we regularly impress the highest caliber companies in the world.

We begin by incorporating an exclusive 21 Step Executive Search and Selection Process. We invest the time to understand our clientís business strategy and goals, and initiate a process of introducing individuals who can achieve those goals.

The mark of a strong recruiter is time spent asking and listening rather than talking. These top recruiters probe deeper to extract more information and never jump to conclusions. We constantly work with this in mind, and are always looking for ways that our candidates might provide a solution that satisfies our clientís and hiring managerís challenges.


The Spire Search Partners "Pillar" Training Program is the gold standard for Executive Search.

No other company invests as much time, dedication and resources to their new members. Itís a program designed to build an Executive Search foundation of excellence. Our Search Consultants come out of this program with tools and know-how to build a successful career in Executive Search.

The program entails videos, coursework, multiple tests and the media. Itís a six month curriculum that covers:

  • How to properly identify and qualify a top-performer by creating a "Performance Profile"
  • The Spire Search Partners 21 Step Executive Search and Selection Process
  • Financial Services Fundamentals to include but not limited to multiple financial services industries, sectors and positions
  • Elite sourcing skills covering the Internet, databases, phones and networking
  • Sales and Marketing skills
  • How to write a proper resume
  • How to interview, debrief, and walk a candidate through the interview process
  • Time Management tools
  • Client skills: How to take a proper job order, manage client expectations and ascertain more business
  • Negotiation skills
  • How to write a business plan and stick with it

Graduates of the program are all but guaranteed a lifetime of a six-figure income and the tools to design their own life.

Our history

Spire Search Partners is a minority and woman-owned business, launched by a team of seasoned executive recruiters who had prior experience working and playing together.

As the team was selectively and strategically expanded, additional members were added who had prior executive recruiting as well as direct industry experience behind them. This approach has been successful in building a pillar in the community with deep ties to the industries we serve.

These ties to the industry in conjunction with a passion for search and an intensive training process give our recruiting team a very high rate of success.

Our future

Spire Search Partners continues to mature as a business - growing its industry contacts, building its team with talented recruiters and enjoying success in a variety of industries and sectors.

As we fortify our skills in recognizing talent and building relationships with the most valuable players in each industry, we cultivate a passion for introducing that talent to our clients as a solution to their ever more dynamic business issues.