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Why Use a Search Firm?

  • A good firm will provide more qualified professionals than networking and job boards because 85% of the qualified candidate pool is not actively looking for a new job.
  • A search firm will cost less than using your own resources when you factor in the “true cost” of time of all the internal human resources professionals and hiring managers who will devote time to screening unqualified candidates.
  • A search firm will deliver the talent you need faster than your own sourcing because recruiters possess contact lists of hundreds of people that meet your specific criteria.
  • When confidentiality is essential a search firm is the definitive way to go.

Why Spire Search Partners?


Time to Fill is a Recruiting metric used to measure the amount of time that it takes to fill a search from the day it opens until the date a candidate accepts an offer.

Fill Rate is a measure of the ratio of job orders written to the job orders you have filled.