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Mutual Commitment: A Two-Way Partnership

What We Expect From You

Honesty, trust and commitment.

Opportunities can quickly disappear because of inaccurate data provided by a candidate.  Honesty, for that reason, is paramount.  If you feel something about your background or your compensation isn’t reflective of the value you offer, share that concern with us and we can work together to present you in the best light without destroying an opportunity with misinformation.

We also require your commitment to the process of investigating opportunities and taking the necessary steps to land the role you want.  We are formally trained and have a long history of what it takes to win the opportunities you deserve.  Trust in our coaching ability – take heed to what we suggest to you and ask of you.

What You Can Expect From Us

Honesty, trust and commitment.

We work with hundreds of people and are in regular contact with thousands more, and because of this we may not necessarily be in regular contact with you. Typically we will reach out only when there is a particular opportunity related to your background.  We make special efforts to continuously be in touch with everyone, but please understand you may not hear from us for a few months at a time.

Working with us and being a part of our database links you with a much larger professional network. Our database is designed with you -- the candidate -- in mind, and allows us to easily make connections when the time is right. As such we will make considerable efforts to stay in touch with you, connect you with other professionals and approach you for referrals.  Know that ours is a relationship of reciprocity.

Our Partners
How effective is your resume?

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Your resume only has a few seconds to make an impression on a hiring manager, and yours definitely has to stand out. In our experience a professionally written resume can help get you noticed in today’s competitive job market.

Spire Search Partners has teamed up with Inspired Resumes, an expert resume writing firm made up of industry specialists and certified writers with skilled backgrounds. They will personally work with you to customize an effective finished product for a targeted job search.

Go to www.inspiredresumes.com or email deidre@inspiredresumes.com, and please say we referred you!

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