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21 Step Executive Search and Selection Process

  1. Develop a complete job order including how to best attract top candidates from client's number one competition, as well as those candidates who are not actively looking to move.
  2. Develop a profile of ideal candidates, providing the option of personality profiling of client's top performing employees. This composite personality profile may be used for screening candidates.

Desk Head Recruitment Manager

  1. Consult client on industry compensation standards and establish a range.

Recruitment Manager Executive Search Consultant Desk Head Marketing/Sales Consultant

  1. Assemble the project team and brief project manager on assignment. Conduct research of marketplace to include client's direct and indirect competitors. Determine additional companies that employ candidates with desirable skill sets. Compile list of targeted companies and candidates. Review and revise this list with client.

Recruitment Manager Executive Search Consultant Marketing/Sales Consultant

  1. Start to call each one and have an in-depth telephone interview with candidates to ascertain three things:
    1. Do they have the appropriate background?
    2. Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?
    3. Determine if the candidate's career goals will be satisfied by the client's opportunity (hot points).
  2. If desired, conduct a face-to-face interview or video teleconferencing for qualified candidates.
  3. Present a short list of qualified candidates to the client.
  4. Submit resumes to client and discuss results of in-depth candidate interviews.
    (Feedback on resumes required within 48 business hours.)
  5. Arrange first face-to-face or video teleconferencing interviews with client.
    (Feedback on all interviews required within 48 business hours.)
  6. Prepare candidate for first interview including company's or hiring authority's interests. Prepare client for first interview including candidate's hot points.
  7. Debrief candidate and client. Professionally release any candidate the client does not wish to pursue.
  8. Arrange second interview and discuss concerns.
  9. Debrief candidate and client following the interview.
  10. Provide results of in-depth reference checking to client.
  11. Verify earnings and negotiate package to be offered to ensure satisfaction on both parts.

Recruitment Manager Executive Search Consultant

  1. If desired, provide educational verification, credit history, motor vehicle records, drug testing, etc.

Marketing/Sales Consultant Executive Search Consultant

  1. Communicate verbal offer to candidate and relay acceptance of offer to client.
  2. Consult with candidate around resignation and counter-offer.
  3. Confirm start date in writing and communicate to client.
  4. Remain in contact with candidate and client through start date and initial phase of employment.

Recruitment Manager Executive Search Consultant

  1. Verify with client that project was successfully completed. Perform post mortem assessment for areas of improvement and areas of success.

Recruitment Manager Executive Search Consultant Desk Head Marketing/Sales Consultant