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Search Expectations

At Spire Search Partners, we build valuable connections and are committed to meeting and exceeding your needs. The following highlights some of the key expectations from any relationship with us.

Mutual Commitment

  1. Commitment from a client is matched and raised by recruiters.
  2. Controls how your firm and your opportunity are presented to the market.
  3. Increases the opportunity's value as seen by the market.

Competitive Fee Level

  1. The best recruiters in the industry garner a higher fee; lower fee searches fall into the hands of inexperienced recruiters.
  2. Higher fee levels incentivizes stronger and more consistent levels of search.

Communication & Responsiveness

  1. Communication between all parties involved from the start is vital.
  2. Getting feedback on resumes and from interviews within 24-48 hours is a key factor to hiring top talent.
  3. Responsiveness from hiring managers keeps our teams engaged and shows a recruiter the manager is serious and invested in the process.
  4. Most lost candidates or declined offers are a symptom of a lack of communication and responsiveness (time kills all deals.)


  1. Feedback on resumes and interviews allows our recruiters to pinpoint exactly what you are searching for in a shorter time frame.
  2. We are a learning organization that requires feedback to better understand the hiring managerís needs, the nature of the firm, and where and how we need to shift our efforts.

Develop a Performance Profile

  1. Developing a performance profile allows our client to better define what it is they are looking to accomplish by investing in each new hire.
  2. It allows our recruiters to utilize a variety of approaches to filling a client's needs.
  3. This profile also allows us to qualify and disqualify candidates based on off-paper traits.

Access to All Decision Makers

  1. Information flow between our team and the decision makers is vital.
  2. Understanding who a candidate will be reporting to is vital.

Strategic Partnership vs. Just-in-time Delivery

  1. When we build a strategic partnership with our client, our Ďtime to fillí drops dramatically and we are able to onboard revenue producers, cost savers and problem solvers in a very short time frame.
  2. When we are clear on a clientís long term strategic vision, our team is better able to introduce talent that fits that vision, and introduce candidates that will help our client attain their goals. We are also better able to build and maintain a consistent pipeline of relevant candidates that deepens through the course of our relationship, not just the course of a single search.
  3. Understanding our clients on a large and longer term scale allows our team to better represent and Ďsellí a firm and the opportunities there with top talent.

Recruiter to Extend Offer

  1. Your recruiter should have built a relationship with a candidate that allows them to know IF they are ready to accept that offer AND if itís an offer that will be accepted.
  2. It should always be the recruiter who makes the initial verbal extension of an offer.