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Client Testimonials

With recruiting costs being expensive and time being valuable, you want to ensure you get what you pay for.  It's not just about the recruiter finding the best person for the job, but it's also about the process.  With their years of experience and expertise,

Spire Search Partners is able to ensure all candidates are extensively vetted, fully prepared and just the right fit,

so by the time the candidates arrive for the interview the process is efficient, we have increased our odds of finding the best person for the job, and no time is wasted.  I would highly recommend them, they are worth every penny.

Jason Schwartz
CFO & Partner
Coatue Capital Management

I have been working with Dennis and Spire for over a year now and have made several hires from their suggestions. The company and its executives have been responsive and more importantly focused on providing great talent that exactly met our company’s needs. I would highly recommend working with Dennis and the Spire team.

Zohar Hod
Global Head of Sales

I have exclusively used Spire since they’ve started. When I am searching to fill a new position or have a colleague in the industry who is looking, they are my first call. Their core strength is that they are excellent at understanding what makes a good fit for an employer and a candidate. Anyone can look at a resume, but it requires thought and skill to evaluate the intangibles, and that is why I choose Spire!

Chris Moon
Director, Corporate Finance

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Adam and the Spire team over the years.  

Their industry and technical knowledge, along with a first class rolodex and work ethic, ensure you see only the best and brightest candidates.

Adam Hieber
SVP of Finance, Valuations, Investor Relations
Cerberus Capital Management

I would recommend, and will use again, Spire Search Partners whenever I have a position to fill.

Spire takes the time to not only understand your company´s employment needs,
but they also only represent perspective employees that are highly qualified.

Pat Preece
President/CEOsquire Financial Management